• PaninoLAB - Isola


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PaninoLAB opens in Isola, the trendiest neighborhood in Milan.

Developed as an area with a strong working and artisan vocation, the "Isola" district was transformed after the Second World War into a commercial area, becoming a symbol of the urban and social regeneration that affected Milan.

And it is precisely here that the fifth PaninoLAB will be located: in the trendiest district of Milan, characterized by graffiti and streets full of trendy boutiques, organic food and second-hand shops.

PaninoLAB Isola: #food&spirits.

Il panino di PaninoLAB
Preparazione cocktail in PaninoLAB
Aperitivo in PaninoLAB
Ampia scelta di panini in PaninoLAB